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Who are we?

A French group of pioneering manufacturers

Groupement MICROPAP is a unique professional organisation that has been active for 60 years, bringing together manufacturers of coated paper for use in food packaging



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Our Micropap® and Végépap® coated paper ranges are complex and high-tech products, resulting from many years of research and development within Groupement MICROPAP.

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Recyclable / Compostable

Packaging made of recyclable and compostable materials which contributes to the circular economy.

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Bio-based products

The majority of the components of Micropap® and Végépap® paper are bio-based.

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Preserves quality of products

Packaged in this natural shield, food products retain all their taste and freshness.

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Micropap® and Végépap®

Some key figures

The diversity of our group is a considerable asset in a very competitive market. The group’s two products, Micropap® and Végépap® , represent:


million individually wrapped portions


of Végépap®’s components are of plant origin.


the rate of disintegration of Végépap® paper after a 48-day composting process.


Certificate of recyclability

Groupement MICROPAP is committed to controlling the recyclability of coated papers at an industrial level. In 2020, CEREC issued a favourable technical opinion on the recyclability of the products tested in the French paper industry.

Certificat CEREC